Custom Meds Compounding

Sometimes your health requires medications that are as unique as your individual needs.

Taste concerns?
Difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets?
Allergic to preservatives or dyes?
Sensitive to standard drug strengths?
Interested in Bio-identical Hormones?
Custom Med compounding can help solve all of these concerns.

Compounding is the process of creating medication that will be compatible with the needs of the individual patient. Sometimes, a dosage strength you need may not be commercially available, or you need a form that is easier to use. Compounding allows us to adapt medications to suit the needs of each patient.

Options for Custom Med Compounding include:
– Specially formulated medications
– Alternative medication forms and strengths
– For allergies and other sensitivities
– Pain management compounding

Ask us today if Custom Med Compounding could benefit you.


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