Accu-Pak Blister Packaging

accupak-300x124Keeping your medications, supplements, and other vitamins organized and on schedule can be difficult. Why not let us organize them for you with our convenient blister cards?

bubbles2_small1-1020x1024-300x300Accu-Pak stand for “Accurate Packaging” and allows for convenient dispensing of medications. Accu-Pak replaces your pill bottles into convenient “bubble” cards. We take care of putting your medications into the correct time of day: morning, noon, supper, and bedtime. The cards make it easy to see when you have taken your medication, so you can stay on track and eliminate any uncertainty.

At the Medicine Shoppe Sunridge we offer this service at no extra cost to you. We can even place your over-the-counter medications and vitamins in, so everything is in one convenient place for you.

Want to get started on Accu-Pak? Book an appointment or come in store and talk to us, we’ll get you set up right away.

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