Your Pharmacist Does More Than You Think

The Pharmacist is in!

A Pharmacist does more than just dispense medication and give advice on medications. In recent years, the role of Pharmacy and your Pharmacist has changed. Your Pharmacist is the most accessible health care provider for you and your family. As your Pharmacy, we want to make to easier to access the healthcare services you and your family need.

March is Pharmacist Awareness Month. Here are three ways your Pharmacist can help you and your family that you may not have considered:

Pharmacist Awareness Month

Pharmacist Prescribing

All of our Pharmacists have acquired their APA (Additional Prescribing Authority) through the Alberta College of Pharmacists, allowing them to prescribe new medications, adjust doses of medications, and extended refills. This makes it easier to get the medication you need, even if you are out of refills. Pharmacists prescribe within the scope of their understanding of the patient, and their ability to assess the condition being treated. Initial access prescribing allows the pharmacist to treat minor conditions, prescribe vaccines, and when appropriate adjust a dose of a medication to ensure your medication is working for you. Our pharmacists can also add a refill or prescribe in emergency situations if required.

Disease Management

Pharmacists carry with them a broad range of knowledge to help their patients manage their health. Especially those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. They are available to help manage blood sugars and insulin dosing. They can help keep track of your blood pressure readings and assist with asthma inhalers. Want help with your stop smoking or weight loss goals? You bet! Your pharmacist can help with those too!

Monitoring Drug Therapy Outcomes

Pharmacy care goes beyond your time in the store. Depending on your goals or health conditions, your pharmacist is able to help you in other ways than just dispensing your medications. Make sure your pharmacist understands your lifestyle and current health condition. This allows them to recommend nonprescription items such as vitamins to help supplement your health. Pharmacists also have access to lab results and are able to order lab results to monitor your progress and provide quick turnaround of information. Continuing care beyond the pharmacy ensures therapy will be will most beneficial for you.

The future of pharmacy is headed away from onlyt dispensing medication, to a whole and well-rounded healthcare service. We want to be an integral part of your healthcare team, and work with you to achieve success in your goals. If there is anything we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to ask. If we are not able to help you, we can work with you to find the services you need.

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