Whoa Baby! Everything to Know About Using Breast Pumps

When it comes to breastfeeding, having access to the right tools and equipment can make all the difference. We make it easy for you to get what you need with Medela products for feeding and pumping along with advice and support from our Pharmacists. Every breastfeeding mom has a unique lifestyle and attitude towards breastfeeding. This is why there is a wide range of breast pumps, each one designed to suit a different lifestyle or situation.

Reasons to use a breast pump

You may ask yourself whether you will need a breast pump and, if so, should you buy one or rent one? Medela has a number of breast pumps that will suit every mom’s needs. Many breastfeeding moms will find the need to either rent or buy a breast pump at some point as part of their breast feeding experience.

Why rent a breast pump?

  • Only use the pump for as long or as little as you need
  • No commitment if you are not ready to purchase a pump yet
  • Ideal for long-term and frequent breast pumping
  • The rental pumps are hospital grade and the same as you used in the maternity unit
  • Allows for double pumping to save time and help increase milk supply
  • Time saving, you can pump more milk in less time.

Why buy a breast pump?

  • It allows your partner to feed your baby and share the rewards and responsibilities that feeding your baby brings
  • Mom can have a little more time to herself
  • It is useful when life gets busy or if returning to work
  • Saves money if this is your first baby and you are planning more in the future
  • Come in different sizes and are easy to travel with if needed

Choosing the right breast pump

Some questions to ask yourself before you choose your breast pump:

  • How often will you, your partner, or someone else be feeding your baby breast milk from a bottle?
  • Are you planning on having more children?
  • How long do you plan on feeding your baby breast milk?

There is a lot to consider when breastfeeding your baby and you want to start pumping. For more information on the types of breast pumps available, or more information on breastfeeding, head on over to the Medela website. They have all the resources you need to be confident in breastfeeding and pumping!

For rental prices and availability please contact the pharmacy at 403.291.0076

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